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A wide cheese know-how


From the cow to the truck, we manage!

Image flottanteTo ensure offering the best to our customers, we must guarantee traceability and safety of our products. We control all production chain stages, from manufacturing to delivery to the point of sale.

We work with farmers who are committed and respectful of their “terroir” to offer you quality cheeses.

Once the raw material is rigorously selected, we ensure that traditional know-how is well respected during manufacturing. We also ensure respect for the product when cutting and packaging, so that flavours and aromas are preserved.

We offer our customers the guarantee of a safe transport, in France and in EC, by scrupulously following the rules of food safety. We favour as much as possible environmentally friendly distribution channels.

This is how we are sure to offer quality cheeses from the best cheese terroirs to all our customers, in order to fully satisfy them!

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Cheese making

We master every step of the manufacturing process:
selection of the raw material from partner farmers, respect for tradition and know-how.

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Here is the secret to a good cheese! A very important step, so important that our wheels are repening over the months in our cellars, closely monitored by our cheese masters to guarantee you an optimal taste.

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Diced, grated, stamps,
slices, portions...
To all desires, all needs,
we have the tailor-made
cheese solution.

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owls, trays, fresh pack or vacuum, we take special care of the packaging to preserve the aromas and quality of our cheeses. We also develop a responsible approach in the packaging of our products.
We use less plastic, where possible.

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Because we are proud of our French know-how, we export it worldwide, everywhere and for all our customers (Retail, Industry, Food Services, Wholesalers, End Customers).
So that all lovers of
good cheeses can enjoy
the French art of living.

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If needed
we could propose
our logistics expertise.

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bordure d'herbe


Simply Organic!

Image flottanteImage flottantePassionate and committed producers
Respectful of the quality of their products, concerned about the well-being of their animals, and who give the best of themselves so that our products reveal their most authentic flavors.

Eco-friendly packaging

A more sustainable approach every day
How? By staying alert to our customer needs and our consumer expectations... All this, thanks to a high-performance technological watch, which allows us to constantly listen to the needs of everyone. In addition to our more sustainable packaging, our environmentally-friendly practices also concern our more rational energy consumption, transport with environmentally-friendly distribution channels, water treatment, the consumption of raw materials and the management of packaging and packaging.

Organic, since a while

For several years, we have been offering a wide range of organic products, for which we impose a strict process: a rigorous selection of raw materials; a long-term partnership with farmers chosen for their expertise in organic; rigorous monitoring of our clients' specifications. All this for the sole purpose of offering the best organic products, here in France and all over the world.

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bordure d'herbe